Gargoyle 3-12-84


This particular prototype still bears the code name "Gargoyle".   This code name was used to keep people from finding out about the Gremlins movie which was still being filmed as this prototype was under development.  Although the prototype is called Gargoyle, the title screen still says Gremlins.  The choice of colors is interesting in this prototype, it looks as if the game was originally supposed to take place during the day rather than at night.  This was changed for obvious reasons (we all know what happens to Gremlins and Mogwi in the sunlight).

Prototype Differences
No Mogwi and Gremlin on the title screen

No demo

The food on the first screen is different.
No music at the start of the game or at the game over screen
The colors are very different
- The ground is green (grass?)

- The house is light brown with dark brown windows

- The sky is blue

- The fence is gray
- The roof on the house is brown
- The pods are gray
- The ground on the Gremlin stage is green
- The sky on the Gremlin stage is green

Pressing Reset resets the level/player choice on the title screen

The player does not automatically advance to the Gremlin stage after four rounds
There are no flash cubes on the Gremlin stage
There is no colored bar around the score


No Gremlins.  No Mogwi.


It's daytime!


Exactly what the hell are they eating?


Even the Gremlin stage looks more cheerful


Uh oh!


Here's a pic of the final version for reference



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