Super Stunt Cycle 11-3-88


No you're not misreading that title, this prototype is called Super Stunt Cycle.  Sometime between the time this demo was made and the final game was released, Atari decided to rename the game to the cooler sounding (but ultimately lame) Motor Psycho.  

This particular prototype is nothing more than a static screen demo showing what the game might look like.  The screen also shows some looping information about the prototype.  The idea behind the game must have changed dramatically as the final game looks almost nothing like the prototype.  


Notice the name


I wonder who the "& co." were?


8/8/88 is when the project was started


This is the first milestone build




There is a rumbling sound in the background


Well there's a background anyway...




It's hard to tell if all nine made it into the final game...


The final game for comparison



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