32 in 1 2/10/89


This is the Master EPROM for 32 in 1.  Notice how it says Console on it rather than Game Rom?  This particular version of 32 in 1 was meant to be built into the 2600 jr. console.  It differs from the cartridge version by a few bytes which check to see if a game cartridge is put into the slot (if not the built in 32 in 1 comes up).  Why Atari never released a 2600 with 32 in 1 built in is unknown, but the part number seems to indicate that this version came before the cartridge version.  Perhaps Atari decided that bundling new 2600 jr.'s with a cartridge was more cost effective than having the game built in?


Regular Freeway


Hacked Freeway


Normal Fishing Derby


Hacked Fishing Derby



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