Astro Chase ?-?-83


This is an earlier version of Astro Chase that was found in the collection of a former Parker Bros. employee and is the third known Astro Chase prototype to surface.

This version is playable, but is far from being a complete game.  The graphics are mostly complete (including some nice touches that were taken out of later versions), but the sounds and music are missing.  The enemy AI isn't complete nor is there any collision detection and the the scoreboard is just a static placeholder.


The Space Mines are round instead of square

The Earth will spin if you bump into it

There is not music

There are no sounds

There is only one kind of enemy
The enemy AI is very incomplete.  Enemies will simply circle around the player in an 'infinity symbol' pattern
There is no collision detection with enemies and they cannot be shot
The player ship has animation that makes it look like it is spinning
The scoreboard at the bottom of the screen is a static placeholder and does not change

Note the static scroeboard with placeholder numbers

You can also see the round space mines



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