A-Team 3-30-84



This is the version of the A-Team most people are familiar with, this is because it's the version Best Electronics sold for many years and the rom file that is commonly seen on the web.  Even though it's an early version it's fully playable.

Most of the differences between this version and the final are graphical.  HSW was still in the middle of switching A-Team over from Saboteur, you can tell because the little blue robots from Saboteur are still here.  The yellow Gorfons are now a strange looking yellow guy whom is supposed to be Hannibal (notice that the message at the bottom of the screen now says "Save Hannibal" as well), this was changed to Murdock in the final version.  Decker looks a bit different in this version, in the final they ended up giving him some weird looking gray pants.

One of the oddest differences in this version is in the final showdown on board three.  In the final version this vehicle was a helicopter, but in this WIP it's a Jeep.  Why this was change din the final version is unknown, but it may have been as simple as helicopters look cooler than Jeeps.



The text at the bottom of the first board says "Save Hannibal" instead of "Save Murdock"
The evil blue robots from Saboteur are still present.
The yellow Gorfons have become Hannibal.  He appears as a little yellow guy feathers on his head.
Decker is slightly different looking.
The skull and bones symbol that appears when something dies is a different color.
The difficulty hasn't been changed yet, it's the same as it was in Saboteur.
The background on the second board is a solid color and the walls are light green
The rocket launches slowly if you loose the second board (same speed as the intro rocket).
The enemy on the third board is a Jeep rather than a helicopter.
The third board background is solid green rather than a stripe pattern.
The A-Team theme at the end of the game is slow and doesn't sound nearly as good as it does in the final.


I pity da fool who don't play my game!

Those yellow guys are supposed to be Hannibal?

Why is Mr. T's head bigger than the FBI guy?

Apperently Decker can now withstand several direct laser hits without flinching

Apparently Mr. T can shoot lightning bolts from his eyes

That's a Jeep.  Trust me.



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