Bionic Breakthrough 6-22-84


This is another version of Bionic Breakthrough.  It's believed to be an earlier version, but without a date for the version that Best Electronics sold it is impossible to know for sure.  This particular version features slightly different graphics, and appears to lock up shortly after the ball is served.  This is because the game is waiting for an acknowledgment signal from the Mindlink before continuing.  This was a safety mechanism to prevent the game from continuing if the signal from the Mindlink transceiver was lost.


Prototype Differences
The title screen is different

The Mindlink logo on the "calibration screen" doesnt move on its own and is centered

The score and variation number are in a different font
Only one player variations are selectable
The game freezes shortly after the ball is served
The paddle doesnt flicker in the "Doubles" variations


I like this title screen better


This time, the logo stays put!


When you start the game the score briefly counts up to 9999 then rolls over to 0


The game freezes right after the ball is served


Notice the different font?


Here's a picture of the other version for comparision



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