Cosmic Swarm (?-??-8?)


This is a mid level WIP version of Cosmic Swarm.  The core gameplay is there, but it still needs some work.  The screen jumps whenever the fire button is pressed which makes the game hard to play and there's some odd flicker which isn't there in the final version.  There's also no sound, no fuel ship, and the player has infinite lives.  Commavid prototypes are rare, especially for their early titles so it's unusual to find one in the hands of another developer but that's exactly where this one turned up.  The rom file was called Bug, but it is unknown if that was an early name or just what the programmer called it when he copied it.


The game starts automatically
You and the bugs don't start bunched up in the upper left corner
You start with 5 points
The game screen jumps whenever the fire button is pressed
You start with no lives showing but have infinite lives
There is no sound
The score and top display area are larger
There is no death animation for the bugs or player
There is no fuel ship
You gain 99 points each time you run into a block instead of 1
You gain no points from running into a bug instead of 1
There are no difficulty options via the difficulty switches.  It seems to default to normal speed with aggressive bugs (A/B)
The game has some minor flicker which is absent from the final game
The ground at the bottom is much thinner


Notice the score is much larger?

Due to the flicker you can't see all three bugs

The bottom area is much smaller too

Here's the final version for comparison



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