Cabbage Patch Kids 5-24-84


This is the earliest known prototype for CPK.  Unfortunately this prototype is nothing more than a non-interactive slide show, showing how each of the screens would have looked.  The prototype loops through 30 different screens before repeating.  

Many of the scenes appear to be in a different order than in the final prototype, and many elements are missing (such as the bouncing ball).  All the screens are static and appear to be less refined than in the final version.


Prototype Differences
There is no gameplay.  The prototype simply cycles through different screens.
The title screen refers to the game only as Cabbage Patch Kids (no Adventures in the Park).
The title screen has a Coleco copyright rather than a OAA Inc. copyright
There is a long pause when switching screens
The music is slower and slightly different.
The music stutters now and then
The colors are more simplistic and less refined
The graphics are different in some areas such as the fence by house on the starting screen
There is a nice sunset in the mountain background that was removed form the final version
Anna Lee's graphics are different
There are no moving objects on the screens, only stationary platforms or water obstacles.
The timer counts down much faster and refills when it reaches the end.
There are always six lives shown in reserve


Notice the different name and copyrights


The colors aren't quite as nice


Six lives are always shown in reserve


The platforms are all the same size in this version


A pond, but no vines or lilly pad


No balls either...



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