Cabbage Patch Kids 7-27-84


What a difference a few weeks can make.  This revision adds several new features including vines and platforms floating on fountains.  Oddly is appears that only scenes 1-10 have been worked on, as scenes 11 onward do now have any of these new features.  The music has also been added back in, and it is now the same as it is in the final version.  

One of the more important things about this prototype is that the jumping has been fixed.  Now Anna jumps forward when the button is pressed and jumps up only when the joystick is moved up.  This makes navigating most obstacles much much easier.



Prototype Differences
The player has infinite lives.
Lilly pads, vines, and fountains have all been implemented.  All other moving objects such as balls, bees, fires, and spiders are missing however.
The vines are solid yellow instead of blue.
Anna's hair is a tiny bit different than in the final release.
The levels are in a different order.
You don't die when the timer runs out.
Scoring has not been implemented yet except when grabbing bonus items.
Bonus points for time left over at the end of the level are only awarded from scene 20 onward. Scene 10 does not award points (this is probably due to a bug).
Bonus points for completing a level are not awarded (only for time left over).
The jumping is still a bit buggy.
Three purple blocks occasionally appear on some scenes.  There is no collision detection with these blocks and they appear not to have been implemented yet.  These were taken out of the final release.
The apple in the trees is shaped differently.


Is that an apple or a space invader?


Ooo!  Fountains!


And vines!


And those mysterious purple blocks...



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