Cabbage Patch Kids 7-3-84


Now we're getting somewhere.  Not only has the collision detection been turned on in this prototype, but we now have sound effects!  Unfortunately the music has been turned off in this version, which was most likely done so the sound effects could be heard more clearly as they were worked on.  Anna has ditched the funky brown hair and taken on her final look (more or less), although her hair moves back and forth now when she moves.

The jumping is a bit buggy in this version, as sometimes nothing will happen when the button is pressed.  Also, since Anna still jumps straight up instead of forward when the button is pushed, jumping over pits or on small platforms is much harder in this version.


Prototype Differences
The player has infinite lives
Moving objects other than the lilly pad have not been implemented, only stationary platforms and water obstacles.
There is no music, only sound effects
There is a strange beep when starting up the game
Anna makes an odd sound when she moves
The bouncing sound on the trampolines is different
Anna's hair sways back and forth when she moves
Anna's hair is a tiny bit different than in the final release
The lives remaining graphics look a bit different
Anna jumps in upward in place rather than forward when the fire button is pushed.
The lilly pad moves much faster
The levels are in a different order
You don't die when the timer runs out.
Scoring has not been implemented yet except when grabbing bonus items
Bonus points for time left over are only awarded from scene 20 onward. Scene 10 does not award points (this is probably due to a bug).
The sound of bonus points being awarded is different.
Bonus points for completing a level are not awarded (only for time left over).
The jumping is a bit buggy
Three purple blocks occasionally appear on some scenes.  There is no collision detection with these blocks and they appear not to have been implemented yet.  These were taken out of the final release.
The apple in the trees is shaped differently.


Looking good


We now have collision detection!


The neat sunset is gone now


Anna fall down and go boom


The buggy jumping makes screens like this hard


I still haven't figured out what these are supposed to be yet



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