Cabbage Patch Kids 8-21-84


This is prototype is getting closer to the final version, except that some things are still being tweaked such as the bouncing ball.  Scoring has been implemented in this version, and the jumping bug has thankfully been fixed.

Also of interest in this prototype is that the first 10 scenes are at a much higher difficulty level than they should be, as bees come out all the time and spiders are frequently encountered in odd places.  However after going through the first ten levels, all the enemies appear to disappear leaving only platforms and water pits to contend with.  It appears that Ed may have been testing the higher difficulty levels in this prototype.


Prototype Differences
The player has infinite lives.
The first ten scenes play at a much higher difficulty level than in the final release.  Bees and spiders appear on almost every screen.
The bouncing ball is green and does not have collision detection.  
The lower bouncing ball does not appear to have been implemented yet, only the high bouncing variety.
The vines are blue, but there is still a bit of yellow at the top.
The levels are in a different order.
You don't die when the timer runs out.
Three purple blocks occasionally appear on some scenes.  There is no collision detection with these blocks and they appear not to have been implemented yet.  These were taken out of the final release.


Bees are everywhere in this prototype


As are spiders


The vines are blue now


But the balls are green...


The apples are shaped properly





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