Demons To Diamonds

Demons To Diamonds

Company: Atari
Model #:
Nick Turner (Programmer) & Alan J. Murphy (Graphics)
Year: 1982
Originally called Hot Rox


Saturday at the Cosmic Carnival.  You can tell from the start that Demons to Diamonds isn't your average 2600 game.  D2D is a unique two player shooting contest featuring one of the strangest story lines and some of the friendliest Demons you'll ever meet (just look how happy they are).


Originally titled Hot Rox, the name was changed to Demons to Diamonds shortly before release for unknown reasons.  This title change might have been due to Hot Rox not being a descriptive enough title (exactly what is a Hot Rox?).  While Hot Rox might not have been descriptive enough, Demons to Diamonds basically sums up the point of the game.  You and your friend must take turns shooting demons of your color and turning them into diamonds.  Shooting these diamonds will net you big points, but shooting the wrong color demon will turn it into a skull, which will constantly rain fire down on you.  Every time a demon hits the side of the screen it changes color and drops down a row, this can lead to frustration as the demon you were about it shoot changes colors right before your eyes.  Careful aim and timing are a must to survive in this game.


Even though Nick Turner designed Demons to Diamonds as a children's game (how many children's games do you know with Demon in the title?), it's fun for adults as well.  While the beginning levels are strictly kids stuff, starting at the higher difficulty levels will result in a challenge even for the most seasoned gaming veteran.  Demons to Diamonds is one of the few 2600 games to support two player simultaneous action, and is well worth the price of admission.  Just how much does a Cosmic Carnival charge for admission anyway?



Version Cart Text Description

Hot Rox

Final Version
?????? Demons EPROM Cartridge Final Version


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