Company: Imagic
Model #:
Bob Smith
Year: 1982
Originally called Cheese

Ok I know what your thinking, Cheese?!?!  Yes that's right, Cheese!  Dragonfire originally started out as a cat and mouse game, in which the player (the mouse) had to outwit a deadly cat while grabbing all the pieces of cheese on the board.  While the game changed significantly, some of Cheese's concepts can still be seen in the treasure room sequence (just replace the treasure with cheese).


The object of Dragonfire is simple.  You must guide the prince over the drawbridge, and into the storeroom to rescue the kingdoms treasure from the evil dragon.  Of course the dragon isn't just going let you waltz right in and grab the gold at your leisure, he's mad.  Flaming mad!  You must dodge the dragons deadly fireballs as you make your way across the drawbridge.  These fireballs will come out from the storeroom (off screen) at two different heights, the prince must jump or duck these fireballs depending on their level.  After you make it into the storeroom, you must run and grab all the treasures while avoiding the fireballs being throw at you by the dragon pacing at the bottom of the screen.  If you are successful an exit will appear, and you return to the drawbridge scene to get ready for another raid.


While it may only contain two screens, Dragonfire is a fast paced action game that never lets up in its difficulty.  Dragonfire can keep even the best gamer occupied for weeks.  As you get further and further into the game, the dragon gets smarter and smarter, until he's almost impossible to fool.  Fun gameplay and a good challenge make Dragonfire one of the eternal classics of the 2600.


Version Cart Text Description
5-21-82   Beta version


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