Elf Adventure 4-22-83


This is the earliest known version of Elf Adventure.  This version is a very early demo that was used to test the movement of all the characters only has minimal gameplay features implemented.  This prototype and the 5/2/83 prototype both have the original adventure 'arrow sword' rather than the axe found in the latest prototype, but the sword is white not black in this version.  Another interesting note is that the player square is much larger in this prototype and is actually rectangular.

On the starting screen there is a stationary elf and a sword.  The player can use the left joystick to change the expression on the figure's face (only on this screen) or use the right joystick to move the player (a black rectangle) around the various screens.  The player can pick up the sword, but it only has an effect on the moving elf.  Beyond the sword there are two jewels on the screen one down from the starting area that the player can also pick up but these have no purpose yet.

Going left brings the player to a screen which is either empty, or has an elf constantly moving left to right with a sword in hand (if he stole it and ran off).  If the player steals the sword from the elf he'll get angry and charge the player, but will usually end up running into the sword and dying briefly.  If the elf succeeds in charging the player he'll steal the sword back and either run around the screen or move three screens to the right.  The player can also drop the sword and have the elf pick it up. 

Going right from the starting screen brings the player to a screen with two stationary elves (one frowning) and a sword.  Going right again bring the player to another screen with a stationary elf.  Usually the roaming elf is here moving in a constant diagonal pattern, but sometimes he steals the sword and runs off three screens to the left.

Going up from any of these screens leads to a repeating maze of sorts with several small rectangles.  There is nothing of note in these 'maze' screens.

Prototype Differences

The Starting location is different.  You start the game on a screen with a stationary elf.
The Room layout is very different.  There are open rooms with small blocks and what appear to be hedges.
You can change the facial expressions on the elf in the starting room with the left controller.
The only objects implemented are the sword and jewel
There is no collision detection with the walls.
The rooms will repeat themselves if you leave them in certain directions.  This generally happens when you leave through a wall, but many of the real exits do this as well.
Instead of a throwing axe, this version features a sword.  The sword works the same way as it did in the original Adventure but it appears to be a bit longer.  Unlike the axe you only need to touch the elves with the sword to kill them.
Throwing doesn't seem to be implemented in this version
You cannot be killed
There is no sound
The walls are all a yellow/green color
The sword is white instead of black

The starting screen


Two jewels!  Only five more to go!


These guys just sit there


I got the sword!


That's what you get for trying to steal


You can play with the expressions on this guy's face



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