Elf Adventure 5-2-83

This version predates the last known version by about three weeks.  Although it’s in an even earlier state than the barely playable 5-25-83 prototype, there are a number of things you can do.  It’s interesting to see how the room layout evolved between the two versions, going from more of an open maze to a closed room environment.  This version also features the famous Adventure ‘Sword’ rather than an axe.

Prototype Differences

The Starting location is different.  You start the game on a screen with the cloak and helmet rather than the shield.
The Room layout is very different.  There are open rooms with small blocks and what appear to be hedges.
There is no collision detection with the walls.
The rooms will repeat themselves if you leave them in certain directions.  This generally happens when you leave through a wall, but some of the 'real' exits do this as well.
Instead of a throwing axe, this version features a sword.  The sword works the same way as it did in the original Adventure but it appears to be a bit longer.  Unlike the axe you only need to touch the figures with the sword to kill them.
The throwing isn't working correctly in this version.  Objects will be thrown only after dropping them and moving away.  If done correctly the object will suddenly move across the screen, seemingly of its own accord.
The figures don't appear to pick up any other object other than the sword.
Although the figures can kill you with the sword if they possess it, the collision detection is somewhat broken so this rarely happens.




The starting screen


I wonder what this screen is supposed to be?




I prepare to meet my enemies on the field of battle



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