Entombed (10-28-82)

This is a late stage WIP for Entombed when it was still called  Zombie.  The game seems fairly complete, but  has some kernel bugs that need to be ironed out.  This prototype is very close to the 10-22-82 prototype (which ironically is labeled as being 'Final') but has some small changes to certain variables and some code shifted around.  It is assumed these changes were late bug fixes as they don't seem to show up in the gameplay.

Prototype Differences
The title screen text does not have the glowing effect
The display kernel is unstable.  It  jumps at random times, but is especially bad when a yellow zombie hits the wall.  The screen will continually shake until it eventually fixes itself.  This also happens more or less constantly in two player games.
The players flicker in the two player game.
The game can only started with the fire button (the reset button does nothing)
You always get three Make-Breaks per pick up (the difficulty switch does nothing)
In two player games, if both players scroll off the screen at the same time then each player loses a life (first the second player, then the first player).  In the final version only the first player loses a life.


Title screen doesn't glow (take my word for it)


The screen is shaking now because of the zombie


Second maze

Third maze


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