Maze (6-22-82) / MINOTR1


This is a bug fixed version of Paul's original Maze game.  Before stripping out the gameplay elements in order to give Steve Sidley a starting point for Entombed, Paul added some of the timing loop fixes to the last version of Maze he worked on (Maze 6-2-82).  These changes were originally done by Dave Hampton (of Q*Bert and Raft Rider fame) for Towering Inferno, but since the two games shared code it was assumed that these fixes would work for Maze as well.  However it was discovered that one of the timing loops was indeed different so it had to be reverted back to its original timing.  The logo on the title screen was also changed from a unicorn to a square wit a 1 in it.  This file was eventually renamed MINOTR1 in order to match the naming convention Paul started using to differentiate these stripped down files from his original Maze code.

PAN stands for Paul Allen Newell.  Note the square 1 logo, this was changed for each revision of the program

Notice how the maze has segment lines?

This is the obstacle course variation

Caught you!



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