MINOTR7 (8-20-82)


This is a maze generating demo for what eventually became Entombed.  In this demo the screen scrolls automatically and the only player interaction is through the Color/B&W switch which will turn the game from 'hard' (Color) to 'easy' (B&W).  This affects how straight the passages are and how many turns they have.  Interestingly this difficulty changing code was present in earlier versions of Entombed, but was eventually commented out and goes unused in the final game.

One may have noticed that the date on this simplified demo is dated later than the more fully fleshed out maze game.  The reason for this is because Paul was directed by his management to strip out all the gameplay elements in order to isolate the maze generating algorithm.  This code is what was given to Steve Sidley as a starting point to create Entombed.

The mazes are different but similar to Entombed

Hard Mode Maze

Turning the switch to B&W makes the mazes easier

Well sort of...



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