Fantastic Voyage 11-4-8?

This is a very late stage WIP of Fantastic Voyage.  The game is very close to the final minus some color differences during the demo and being more difficult.  For some reason this prototype was found on an Atari prototype board despite being a TCF game and is labeled Caverns.  It is believed that this is simply what the person who dumped the game called it and not an early WIP name.  The year of this is a bit of a mystery as it could either be 81 or 82 depending on how early the game was developed before being published.

Prototype Differences
The colors in the demo are different.  They stay mostly darker shades of red with the boarder staying brown/tan.  In the final version the screen changes to various shades of purples and pinks with the boarder going light shades of brown/tan.  
The demo is a little different.  The screen boarder doesn't change colors (gray then black) when it reaches the next section towards the end and is missing the sound effects when this happens.
The game always plays all 6 stages, even during the first loop.
The overall game difficulty is higher, even on the easy settings
The level layouts are a bit different
There are more enzymes


The colors never get interesting, just dark


But they're normal during the regular game


I shouldn't be running into these guys until the second loop

There seem to be more enzymes to make up for it though


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