Firefox ?-??-83

This is the oldest of the three Firefox prototypes, and as such doesn't do a whole lot.  This demo starts with the hanger screen, but there are no jets to be seen.  Interestingly, unlike the other two prototypes, the hanger door slowly closes rather than opens (maybe they just finished taking the jets out?).  Pressing the select button will cycle between the various status messages (Clear, Alert, Warning), and pressing the reset button will cycle between the various screens (all of which do nothing).  One of the screens with a targeting sight doesn't appear in the other two prototypes and may have been combined with the cross-hair screen (which itself was combined with the horizon screen).  Another oddity is that the SLOWER option disappears on the horizon screen for some reason.  This is most likely because the viewable area increases, knocking the option off screen.


The hangar is short a few jets!


The early radar screen



What happened to the SLOWER option?

This screen is not in any other version


This appears to be an early version of the cross-hairs

The color bars were even in this version!


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