FireWorld 1-25-84


This is a very interesting lab loaner cartridge as it's not really a prototype, but rather a special version of SQ: Fireworld made for the playoff contest that was held in January of 1984 (hence the date on the cartridge).  While similar to the released version, the triggers for each of the clues are simplified.  Triggering the clues only requires one to three items whereas the regular version of the game required three to four.  This was due to the contest having a 90 minute time limit.  Each player was given a sheet with clues (instead of a comic book) that they had to decipher to figure out which items needed to go into each room.

This prototype was provided by Rick Davidson who was one of 50 players chosen to compete based on an essay they wrote after finding the correct sequence of words in the game.  The contest was ultimately won by Michael Rideout who won a jewel encrusted chalice. 


My eyes!  Make the colors stop!



Here are some funky clue graphics.


Here's an example of "Warping"


This game they sprang for some room decorations.



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