Frog Pond ?-?-82


This is an mid level WIP version of Frog Pond.  The game now has a score, but it's based on how high up the insect is rather than the type.  There are two types of insects now (moth and dragonfly), but the moth moves around rapidly while the dragonfly is prone to hovering in one place.  The score is a bit glitchy so the second player will score approximately 212 points for the first insect they eat.  This is because the player can move and play while the second player's score is showing the game variation number.  This is fixed by resetting the game and starting it properly.  There are two variations, but they appear to be the same.


The game has no title screen and starts automatically
The game is always set to two players
The frogs are colored differently.  The first player is a salmon color while the second player is yellow.  In the final the first player is yellow and the second player is a darker pink.
The clouds are different.  They're larger and there are only two.
The lilly pad placement in the background is different.
There are two types of insects
The insects are colored pink and yellow instead of black
The frogs tongues are the same color as their bodies instead of black
The score for each insect is based on how high up they are rather than the type of insect
The score shows four digits (with flicker)
The sunset easter egg is missing
The bugs never fly away
The water is a darker blue
The mountains in the background are a darker green
The log is lightly different
There are only two game variations
The player can move and play while the game variation number is displayed.  If the second player eats a bug then the score jumps to approximately 212 points.  If the game reset switch is pressed to start the game properly this does not happen.
The score is in a bar on the top of the screen rather than in the clouds


We have a score now!

Although you can't tell because of the flicker, the second player's score jumped to 217 due to a bug.

Other than the scoring, the game is pretty close to final

Here is the final version for comparison


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