Iceman 7-27-83



This is an extremely rare WIP version of Frostbite.  Work in progress versions of Activision games are very rare as Activision kept all their beta cartridges under tight lock and key.  Almost all Activision prototypes seen in the wild are simply review copies.  This prototype is very interesting as it not only has several major differences from the final game, but also sports a WIP name (Iceman).  I think everyone will agree that Frostbite is a far better name than Iceman. 

A huge thank you to Ferghead for releasing this rare prototype.  Also thanks to Ballblazer for dumping the prototype, and Dennis Debro for going through the code and finding all the differences from the final game.  You guys are the unsung heroes of this hobby.

Prototype Differences
There are only two variations instead of four.  The harder one and two player variations are missing.
The demo is different and doesn't start at night.  That's because...
There are no night levels
The graphics for the King Crabs are different looking
Instead of the Killer Clam there appears to be either a Narwhal or possibly some sort of shark.  They act the same though.
There are purple and green bonus fish.  They don't seem to have any difference though.  The purple fish were removed from the final.
There is no maximum number of fish per level.  The player can grab as many as appear which is far more than the 12 the final game allows.
The sound of the igloo blocks being counted at the end of the level is different
The game is harder overall and the difficulty ramps up faster
The Polar Bear first appears on level 3 instead of 4
The temperature display changes colors instead of blinking when it gets under 10 degrees
The life counter doesn't flash when the temperature gets under 10 degrees
The magic fish icon appears on level 24 instead of 20
The game ends at 1 million points instead of continuing as in the final
The igloo is harder to enter than in the final version.  The player must be lined up with the entrance almost exactly.


Notice how the King Crabs face forward


Narwals!  I think...


Purple fish?


The whole game is just tougher overall



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