Golf Diagnostic

Golf Diagnostic
Company: Video Soft
Model #:
Jerry Lawson
Year: 1983


Developed by Jerry Lawson, the man behind the Channel F, this program is a diagnostic cartridge for a California based company that was developing a golf simulator.  Unfortunately this program needs the golf club hardware to actually be usable, so it remains simply a curiosity rather than anything usable.  The actual game would have had a person stand in front of a projection screen with a club with sensors that were interfaced into a 2600.  The 2600 would then calculate the persons direction, speed, and distance.  While games like this eventually did get released, none of them ever used a 2600.


Besides the title screen, you can access a diagnostic screen by hitting the reset button.  By fiddling around with a standard 2600 joystick you get get various error messages to appears such as NO LEFT or NO RIGHT, but that's about the extent to which you can interact with the cart.  


It is unknown if any prototype golf equipment was produced to interact with the cart or if any of it still survives.  Only one cartridge is known to exist which has a hand-written label. The cart has a completely unique cartridge case and has Chuck-E.-Vision written on the back in raised letters.


Version Cart Text Description
12/16/83 Golf Diag. Normal Open

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