Grover's Music Maker 1-18-83



Even though this version of Grover's Music Maker has less letters than the others, it appears to be far more complete.  Grover has a stage to dance on and his dance moves are much better.


Many of the colors are different
- The letters on the title screen are a darker shade of brown

- The top of the stage is red/orange

- The background is light blue

- The stage bottom is brown

- Grover's nose is light purple

- Grover's eyes are now red (evil evil red...)

Grover has a few different dance moves

- Key 3 makes Grover do a hip shake rather than jump right

- Key 7 makes Grover stick his arm and leg out rather than run right

- Key 8 makes Grover put his hand on his chest rather than squat
- Key 9 makes Grover do a "Walk like an Egyptian" thing rather than put both arms up in the air (like he just don't care)
There is now a stage for Grover to dance on
The curtain (the colored bar) at the top of the screen is missing
The kids in the audience are space differently (in pairs of two)
There is no time out feature that returns the game to the title screen if left untouched
All the tunes are played slightly faster and the notes aren't held as long
Only letters A-R are present (S and T are missing)



Those evil red eyes...


Shake your booty Grover! (Key 3)


That looks like it hurts! (Key 7)


I pledge allegiance to Grover! (Key 8)


Walk like a Grover... (Key 9)




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