Grover's Music Maker 12-29-82


Even though this version is dated earlier than the 1-18-83 version, it has two more tunes (letters S and T).  Why these were removed from the later version is unknown, but many of the tunes were changed between the various versions of the game as it was being fine tuned.  Grover has some different dance moves for keys 3, 7, 8, and 9 which were improved in the later version.


Grover's eyes are yellow instead of brown/orange
Grover's nose is red instead of light pink instead
Grover is shifted up a line on the stage area
The color cycling is different when the reset key is pressed.  Instead of only changing the color of the top of the stage decorations (lights?) it also changes the bottom of the stage area where the footlights are.
The tops of the stage decorations area always a different color than the main part whereas in the later version they are sometimes the same.  The later version seems to have more variations for changing the colors in this area.
The footlights have a different color gradient with the tops always being a very light color and gradually getting darker.  In the final version the light color at the top of removed and the color gradient reversed.
The footlights area is a little shorter
There is no stage.  Instead Grover dances in mid-air.
There is what appears to be a curtain (the colored bar) at the top of the screen
The kids in the audience are spaced differently (evenly instead of in pairs of two)
There is a time out feature that returns the game to the title screen if left untouched for too long.  This was removed from the later version.
The sound of Grover's feet on the stage when he does his moves is missing
There are two extra letters (R and T) in this version.  The tune for R is unknown while the tune for T is 'Bobby Shaftoe'.
Grover has a few different dance moves
- Key 3 makes Grover jump right instead of doing a hip shake
- Key 7 makes Grover run right instead of sticking his arm and leg
- Key 8 makes Grover squat instead of putting his hand on his chest
- Key 9 makes Grover put both arms up in the air (like he just don't care) instead of doing a "Walk like an Egyptian" thing

Take a bow you furry demon!

Dance for me my puppet!

Grover turns into a zombie
(Key 3)

Grover does the Running Man

Grover does something that's illegal in 12 states
(Key 8)

Grover shows off his muscles
(Key 9)


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