Monkey Music 8-18-82



This is an early version of Grover's Music Maker, which stars a monkey instead of Grover.  This version of the game is a bit different than GMM as it has standard game variations instead of different letters, fewer tunes (15 instead of 18), but more complex dance moves.  The biggest difference however is the inclusion of a 'Playable Mode'  where the player can enter an unlimited number of moves but cannot play them back.  This mode was removed from the Grover's Music Maker prototypes leaving only the 'Recordable Mode'.

According to programmer Stephan Keith, the final version of Monkey Music (before being changed over to GMM) had 20 songs, so this version of Monkey Music is still a work in progress.


The title screen has no text other than a 1982 copyright
The copyright says (C)1982 Atari instead of (C)Atari 1983
The numbers in the copyright have a different font
The background on the title screen is blue instead of black and extends down further
There is a black HMOV line on the lower left of the title screen
There are variation numbers instead of letters and the tremble clef symbol
There are two different 'freestyle' modes instead of one.  The first game variation (Playable Mode) doesn't store the moves for playback, therefore an infinite amount of moves can be entered.  This mode was removed from the later GMM version.
The numbers for the two 'freestyle' modes appear to the left of the monkey and the numbers for the songs appear to the right
The game features a dancing monkey instead of Grover
There is a quick beep sound when going from the title screen to the main game screen
The colors of the squares down the side of the screen are different colors
The background is brown instead of blue/green
The decorations on the top of the screen are colored differently
There is no stage
There is a bar at the top of the stage (curtain?).  It is tan instead of light blue as in the intermediate prototype.
The color cycling is different when the reset key is pressed.  Instead of only changing the color of the top of the stage decorations (lights?) it also changes the bottom of the stage area where the footlights are.
The tops of the stage decorations area always a different color than the main part whereas in the later version they are sometimes the same.  The later version seems to have more variations for changing the colors in this area.
The footlights have a different color gradient with the tops always being a very light color and gradually getting darker.  In the final version the light color at the top of removed and the color gradient reversed.
The footlights area is a little shorter
The kids in the audience are spaced differently (evenly instead of in pairs of two)
There is a time out feature that returns the game to the title screen if left untouched for too long.  This was removed from the later version.
The monkey will dance around while waiting for the player to press a button.  In GMM Grover stands still.
The monkey doesn't shake his head when the maximum amount of notes has been reached in variation 2
The game variation number changes color when selecting a new variation except for 1 and 2.
The sound for the maximum number of notes being reached is different
The sound of Grover's feet on the stage when dancing is missing
The monkey does not bow after doing his dance
The dance moves are all different and are more complex
Most of the tunes are different or are in a different order
(3) - London Bridge is Falling Down
(4) - Mary Had a Little Lamb
(5) - The Farmer in the Dell
(6) - Old McDonald Had a Farm
(7) - Pop! Goes the Weasel
(8) - Alouette, Gentille Alouette
(9) - Auld Lang Syne
(10) - Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star
(11) - Ode to Joy
(12) - Frere Jacques
(13) - Jingle Bells
(14) - Here We Go Round the Mulberry Bush
(15) - To Market, To Market
(16) - Alphabet Song
(17) - Baa Baa Black Sheep



No title on the title screen


Notice there are variation numbers instead of letters?

That's a neat trick!

(Key 1)

Ballerina pose!

(Key 2)

Aerial acrobatics!

(Key 3)

The ol' softshoe...

(Key 4)

Angry monkey!

(Key 5)

Strut your stuff!

(Key 6)

Jumping monkey!

(Key 7)

Strike a pose!

(Key 8)

This is an advanced move!

(Also Key 8)

Looking off stage...

(Key 9)

Scream at the world!

(Key *)

The monkey will dance around between songs


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