Halloween ?-??-83 (Prototype #1)

This is an mid level WIP version of Halloween.  While the game is somewhat functional, it's not very playable.  This proto also features a number of differences including flower pots (yes, flower pots).  What the flower pots were supposed to do is anyone's guess because they don't have any function in the prototype, but it is guessed that Laurie may have thrown them at Michael to scare him away.



The starting screen shows Michael raising his knife along with Laurie and a child rather than just Laurie and the child.
The Wizard logo is displayed at the bottom of the screen on start up
The music plays constantly throughout the game whether Michael is on the screen or not
The music plays slower
The Halloween logo is shown on the bottom of the screen during the game
There are flower pots (plants?) scattered around the house.  If Laurie attempts to pick one up using the fire button the game will show graphical glitches.  These can be fixed by exiting to the bottom floor.  Only the flower pot on the top floor can be interacted with.
When entering a doorway to switch floors you must hold down constantly until you move out of the doorway or you will go back upstairs.
Michael will only attack the children (which stay dead the whole game).  He will not go after Laurie at all and will hover over the dead child until she comes onto the same screen as Michael.
The children do not spurt blood when killed.
There is no scoring
There is no actual way to save a child.  Although you can pick them up with the button, you can't leave them in the safe rooms.
Laurie will not actually die when Michael kills her.  You can move around the house with your head spurting blood.
There are some doorways which do not work.
When laurie reaches the end of the floor and attempts to go further a buzzer (razz) sounds.
The power never goes out.


Here's the starting screen. I think it looks better than the final one.


Here's one of the flower pots...


...and what happens when you try to grab one


Michael will hover over the dead child until you come back onto the screen


A non-functional doorway


You can run around all you like even after you're dead



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