This is an early version of what eventually became Infiltrate.  The main game is there, but there are no documents to collect yet so there's no point to game.  Interestingly the rom, which came from a developers stash of game disks, was labeled HIRISE.  It is unknown if this was an early name for the game, or just what the programmer named the game when he copied it.  Interestingly, the main character in this version looks like the one used in most K-Byte games on the Atari 8-bit/5200.  However it is unknown if K-Byte had anything to do with the development of this game or if this is just a coincidence.


The player looks different and is blocker than in the final
The assassins look different and are not animated
There is no collision detection between the player and the assassins
There are no lives displayed (the player can't die anyway)
The player cannot duck
Assassins do not fire, which considering you canít duck is a good thing.
There are no documents to collect
There is no score
There are no game variations
The levels are different colors
The sound made when an assassin is destroyed is different


Notice how everything is a bit blockier?

Your character still distorts on elevators

The player looks similar to the one in most K-Byte games

Here's the final version for comparison



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