James Bond 007 ?-??-83


This is a late beta for James Bond 007 that was found on some disks belonging to the programmer.  The file name is VBOND, but it is not known what the V stands for (possibly Variant or VCS).  This file appears to be the oldest of the eight and there are quite a few differences in the version.  The most notable difference is that James has a different pose on the title screen.  Instead of being seen in his famous shooting pose, he's seen with his hand in the air which is similar to the pose used in the Atari 5200 and 8-bit versions.  It's unknown why this was changed on the 2600 version but not the others.  This version also has infinite lives which was probably done to make playtesting easier (did I mention this game was hard?).

Prototype Differences
James has a different pose on the title screen and on the intermission screens.
The car doesn't glow when you die
You have infinite lives
The string Joe Gaucher & Louis Marbel is missing from the end of the ROM.


He looks like he's trying to hail a taxi


You'll need infinite lives to make it this far


Watch out for space shuttles!

What kind of desert is this?


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