James Bond 007 ?-??-83


This is a late beta for James Bond 007 that was found on some disks belonging to the programmer.  The file name is VBONDFIN which seems to stand for V James Bond Final.  It is unknown what the V in the file name stands (possibly Variant or VCS).  This version is the same as BONDOFIN, but has one small section of code NOP'ed (FF) out.  This code appears to be unused duplicate code and was probably left over from a previous EPROM burn.  It's counterpart VBONDINF is also exactly the same as BONDOINF, supporting the burning error theory.  

Prototype Differences
James has a different pose on the title screen and on the intermission screens.


He looks like he's trying to hail a taxi


Either that's a small platform or a giant man


Watch out for space shuttles!

What kind of desert is this?


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