Joust 7/5/83

This version of Joust was actually complied from source code found on the internet.  Although the game is mostly complete, there are some interesting differences in this prototype.  The biggest being that all the sprites flicker badly as the display engine had not been optimized yet.  There are also some differences due to this code being meant to run only on a development system.

Prototype Differences
All the sprites constantly flicker
There is no wave information or pause between waves
The second player score, life counter, and sprite are dark purple instead of light purple
The eggs are green
The Bounder enemies (the first type you meet) are light purple instead of red.  Interestingly this is the same color purple as the second player is in the final version.
There is some debugging code for slowdown but it only works on a development system.
Bankswitching isn't activated yet.  Since this version of the code is meant to run on a development system with a fully 8K, it wasn't needed.


Due to the flickering sometimes no sprites can be seen


Green eggs?  Where's the ham?


Notice the different colored second player info?


And the different colored enemies



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