Jungle Hunt 056-02


This version appears to be almost complete; it's only missing sound and a few final tweaks.  The most interesting thing about this version is the death animation for the boulder and cannibal stages.  It looks like GCC was attempting to make your character look like he had just been flattened (like when a character in a cartoon gets rolled over by a steamroller).  The result is a white blocky mess that looks more like a roadside accident than proper death animation.  GCC made a good choice in changing it to the little "guy smooshed into his hat" death we all know and love.


Prototype Differences
There is no music or sound
The graphics when you get hit by a boulder or cannibal are different. You turn big, white, and blocky and you appear to be lying on your back.
The air gauge on the river stage is slightly off.  You don't die immediately after the gauge runs out.
After you rescue the girl, you stay stationary while your points are being added up.
There is no Demo Mode.
Since there is no Demo, if you don't start the game your guy will sit there swinging on the vine until the timer runs out and he dies.  You can tell the game hasn't started yet because the Jungle Hunt logo is still displayed on the top of the screen
You cannot press the fire button to advance to the river level at the end of the vine level.  You must wait until the game advances you automatically.



George of the Jungle...


No I'm not doing the backstroke, I'm dead!


So we meet again Mr. Boulder...


Whoa! What the hell just happened?


Aren't we a wee bit too close?


How does the cannibal flatten you?



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