Jungle Hunt 2/3/83


This is a very interesting prototype for several reasons.  First notice that the label isn't the standard black Atari lab loaner label, instead this prototype has a rare blue GCC lab label.  GCC used their own label for game they programmed when they were early in the development cycle, later they switched to regular Atari lab labels.  This version of Jungle Hunt is very preliminary with only two screens completed.  The graphics are also different (just look at your character), and there are a number of gameplay issues that still need to be worked out (those crocodiles are FAST!).

On and interesting side note, it appears that the graphics for the boulder level are in the rom, and there is even some code done for the level.   Unfortunately there is no way to get to this level through regular playing and even hacking the code to start on it crashes the game.


Prototype Differences
There are only two levels present in this prototype.  After beating the river stage the game goes back to vine stage.
The main character looks very different.  Instead of jungle explorer, your character looks like a boy.
The colors are much dimmer and duller looking.
For some reason there are two scores at the top of the screen, one right below the other.  One of these was probably meant for the second player (since the colors seem to match the life counters), but this feature isn't implemented in this prototype.
There is a second life counter under the timer that always shows zero.  This may have been for the second player (which wasn't implemented yet).
Once you reach the end of the vine level you cannot press the button to quickly advance to the next screen.  Instead you are forced to wait for a few seconds.
There is no sound or music.
The timer runs down even while in the attract mode.
There is no demo.
The crocodiles on the river stage move very VERY fast.
The water and sky on the river stage are different colors.
Your character on the river stage is colored differently (white body and tan pants).



Just what the hell are those things hanging down from the trees?


He flies through the air with the greatest of ease...!


Either I'm doing some night swiming or someone needs to play with those colors...




Time to show off my backstroke...





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