Klax 6-14-90


This version is almost complete, it's only missing a few minor items like position lights and some final tweaking before being ready for release.  One of the more interesting things about this prototype is the large Atari Fuji symbol on the bottom of each screen and the complete absence of Tengen on the title screen.  In the final version Tengen was credited on the title screen and the Atari symbol was removed and replaced with a scrolling Atari Corp. copyright message.


Prototype Differences
Prototype is in NTSC format

Copyright 1990 Atari Inc. with a large Atari Fuji symbol.

No scrolling copyright message
The Atari copyright and logo are displayed on every screen except the actual play screen
The "Klax Hand" is a light green instead of white.
No column position lights
The message telling you how many Klax's or points you have to go is split up over two screens. It says "Klax's to/go" ("to" is displayed right above the word "go") and then is replaced by the amount in a large font.
Miss counter lights are on the left side of the screen instead of the right.
Bonus points are displayed and added up in the large point font used during the game (ex. +1000)
Bonus points are added up at the end of each board without any indication as to what they're for.
The number font is slightly different
The secret message "Winner 100" which appears when you successfully complete 100 waves is not present in this version.



The famous Atari Fuji


The copyright message is still displayed


Notice how the 3 is way off center


For some reason they couldn't get the whole message on one screen...


So it's split up over two screens


What kind of bonus points am I getting? Why won't you tell me???



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