Krull ?-??-83

This is a mid level WIP for Krull.  While an actual prototype for this version has not yet been found (if it was ever burned onto EPROMs), it was featured in the Atari In-House Promo 2nd Quarter 1983 video which was made to show other Atari employees what everyone was working out at the time.  Although the gameplay seems to be mostly there, there are several differences from the final version.  The biggest of which is different status bars on the first screen.  Instead of having the score and a lives counter, this version has and S (possibly for the number of Slayers remaining), a Glaive counter (instead of individual glaive symbols), and a C and F counter on the bottom bar.  These are most likely register values (in hex) for debugging purposes.

Interestingly these different counters are only on the first screen and the rest of the screens seem to have the standard counters as the final version which may point to the first screen being taken from an even earlier version or being heavily reworked at the time.  The rest of the screens seems mostly the same as their final version counterparts with a few exceptions.  One difference is that the web background on the spider screen is slightly different and the web itself moves very very fast.   Another difference is that the score displayed on each screen is very very low (double digits) which means that either the scoring was very different in this early version or those digits aren't a score counter and are being used to display variable values for debugging purposes.  There are also some color differences on the various screens such as the sun timer bar being red instead of purple, but this may be due to the poor quality of the video.

On the screenshots below the top screenshot is from the released version while the bottom screenshot is taken from the WIP version shown in the video.






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