Laser Blast 8/8/80


This is a very interesting prototype.  At first glance it appears to be the final release, but if you look closely you can see the score counter is centered instead of right justified and is only four digits wide.  This means you can easily roll the score at 9999, but it then goes back to 0000 instead of !!!!!! as it does in the released version with it's 6 digit counter.

Other odd thing about this version is the infamous "barrier" bug.  If you continue to hold the fire button down to "aim" after you finish destroying all the tanks, you will never get bumped forward to the next screen by the invisible barrier.  This bug is present in the released version, but it is very hard to activate and can only be done in the lower right corner.  In this prototype it can be done anywhere on the screen.

the prototype is a single EPROM housed in a generic Activision case with no label.  It's interesting to note that the game is spelled Lazer on the label instead of Laser.


Notice how the 1 for the game number is centered.


Here's a screen shot from the released version for comparison


Captain, we've been hit!


Take that!



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