Miner 2049er Volume II

Miner 2049er Volume II
Company: Tigervision
Model #:
Year: 1983
Port of the Atari 8-bit game by Bill Hogue


Not a true sequel to Miner 2049er, Volume II is really a continuation of the original game.  Since the 2600 could only fit three levels onto a cart, this special 'add on' had to be made.  Volume II contains three more levels from the original Miner, and unfortunately the same flawed gameplay.


Yes unfortunately the same problems that plagued the original 2600 version of Miner are back with a vengeance.  Jumping mutants is still nearly impossible and often results in many unwanted deaths.  To make matters worse, Volume II requires even more jumping than the first game did.  Why Tigervision didn't take the time to fix the flaws in the game engine between these two games is unknown, but they probably wanted to get this 'add-on' out the doors as quickly as possible.


The basic concept behind Miner is simple.  Bounty Bob must walk along every platform on the board while avoiding deadly radioactive mutants.  Every time Bob walks across a piece of the 'framework' the checkered pattern turns into a solid bar and becomes 'claimed'.  Once all the framework has been claimed, Bob will be transported to the next level of the mine.  Along the way Bob can grab various items that will turn the mutants 'edible' for a short time (think of them as power pellets).   Each level has different properties and equipment that can help or hinder Bob, learning how each board works is the key to winning the game.

As was the case with Miner 2049er, Volume II only contains 3 of the original 10 levels.


The Lift

This level is actually alot tougher than it appears.  Here Bob must use a giant lift in the middle of the screen to reach the various platforms.  The lift is easy to use, to start it simply jump on it and press the button.  Once you've moved the lift to the desired area, push the button to stop it.  Take note of the slide on the right side of the screen, if Bob rides it down to the lower level he will be unable to reach the lift again.


The Pulverizers

This is an odd little level.  Here Bob must ride across the giant gap on magic floating blocks (simply drop onto one to start it).  Once he's reached the other side, Bob must carefully make his way through the giant pulverizers which move quickly up in down in a predictable pattern.  Unfortunately there is a wandering mutant that roams the bottom level making things more difficult than they need to be.


The Waste Pit

This level is odd in the fact that it is vastly different than the original version.  Here Bob must make his way across a series of tiny platforms suspended above a pit of radioactive waste.  In the original 8-bit version, the waste was actually in a giant tank, the platforms were spread out all over the screen at odd intervals, and and there was no slide.  These changes were mostly made due to the limitations of the 2600.


Although the levels may be different, the frustrating gameplay remains the same.  Miner Volume II is a much harder game than Volume I, which makes it even less fun to play (if that were actually possible).  Tigervision's playtesters must have been asleep at the wheel when they let this one pass, as the average gamer will find it nearly impossible to pass even the first level.  Avoid this disaster and play the original 8-bit version instead.


Version Cart Text Description
?/??/83 Miner 2 Demo Final Version (with level select)


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