Mouse Trap

Mouse Trap
Company: Atari
Model #:
Sylvia Day and Henry Will IV
Year: 1987
Originally released by Coleco, but re-released by Atari in 1987.


Mouse Trap was originally released for the 2600 by Coleco who owned the rights to most of Exidy's library.  After Coleco went bankrupt in 1987 Atari bought the rights to their game library and released several games in an attempt to fill its lineup during the 2600 revival years.  Strangely, even though they were given official part numbers, Atari never released Zaxxon and Turbo (Turbo wasn't even released by Coleco!).  Perhaps Atari felt these games were not up to par with the rest of the Coleco games?


The game is exactly the same as its Coleco counterpart, only the packaging and labels were changed.  Atari always was the master of recycling...


Version Cart Text Description
Mouse Attack Mouse Attack 11-4 Exactly the same as Mouse Trap


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