Company: Activision
Model #:
Mike Lorenzen
Year: 1982
Named most humorous game of 1983


No this isn't the punch line to a dirty joke (although did hear the one about the priest, the rabbi and the pig?), Oink! is actually an action game based on the old Three Little Pigs story.  I have no idea why they felt the need to but an exclamation mark on the end of the name, but Oink! is only one of four 2600 games ever to do so (Pitfall!, Kaboom!, and Boing! being the others).  How is that for an obscure (and useless) fact?


You play the role of the three little pigs who must defend their homes against the evil Bigelow B. Wolf (nice name eh?).  Duce Bigelow (I mean Bigelow B. Wolf) is out to capture you and your brothers by literally blowing your house down!  Bigelow will huff and puff and blow pieces of your house away.  If the wolf makes a wide enough hole in the wall he'll try and knock you out of the house with his breath and you'll lose a life.  Thankfully you're adept at foundation repair and can fix any hole the wolf blows in your wall.  To fix a hole simply grab a brick from the top of the screen and drop it in the hole, it's as simple as that.  However the more bricks you use that faster Bigelow blows (hehe) so you'll have to be smart about which holes you choose to fill first.


Each pig defends his own home and represents one of your lives.  You start out in the house made of straw (so it's yellow), but if you get captured the action moves to the house made of sticks (brown), and finally ends up at the house made of brick (red).  After that your fresh out of pigs and Bigelow has a nice ham sandwich.  Oink! also features a two player version of the game in which one player can control the wolf and the other player controls the pigs.  Why didn't more 2600 games come with cool features like this?


Scoring 25,000 points or more in this game could net you an Oinkers patch from Activision.  I don't know about you, but "Oinkers" sounds a little dirty to me.  Dirty patches aside, Oink! is an interesting and oft overlooked game that can be a lot of fun (especially with two players).  Besides, what other game can you tell the second player that he really blows and mean it?


Version Cart Text Description
12/20/82 Activision, Inc. AX-023 Oink! (c) 12-20-82 Final Version


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