Omega Race (?-??-8?)


This is a completely different version of Omega Race than what was finally released  The graphics are cruder, and the box at the center of the arena is solid instead of hollow.  The most interesting thing about this version is that it doesn't requite the Booster Grip (which has no function if used).  Instead pushing up is used to thrust and the fire button fires your lasers.  This actually works quite well, and one has to wonder why it was changed in the final version.  Unfortunately this version of Omega Race flickers quite badly and the screen jumps often which makes it hard to play.  Another interesting thing to note is that this prototype is only 4K and does not use the RAM Plus chip whereas the final version was 8K with the RAM Plus.  The rom image (which was found on a developers set of disks) was labeled BC, it is unknown what this means.


There is no title screen
The center square is solid
The score and level are displayed on the center square instead of on top and bottom
The outer border is visible
The player's ship is solid and looks a bit different
The enemy ships all look different
The game does not require the Booster Grip
The game does not use the RAM Plus chip
There is no two player mode
The player can select 2, 4, or 6 lives at the start
The player can select to start on levels 1 through 4
Although the music speeds up, the death ship does not drop mines
Occasionally one of the command or droid ships will leave behind an odd triangular object.  This object acts like a mine.
The game flickers quite badly and the display will jump randomly


Notice how everything is a bit blockier?

Glitches aside, the game plays well enough

Here's that odd triangular object

Here's the final version for comparison



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