Oscar's Trash Race 3-30-83


This is another early prototype of Oscar's Trash Race.  Although the game is much further along than the 12-3-82 one screen prototype, it's still not playable.  This prototype shows a self playing demo of how the final game would look, but it has some interesting differences such as slightly different graphics, music that plays during the game, and some graphical glitches.

Prototype Differences
There is no title screen
The graphics are different looking
The colors are different
There is music playing during the game
Whenever a trash can falls into a hole it appears to cycle through different numbers as it move backwards out of the hole.
There is no way to play the game, it's just a self running demo


Very different looking


Here's an example of the graphics glitch


The computer always pics the right number


Here's an picture of the final version for comparison


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