Pengo ?-?-83


This is an earlier version of Pengo with an arcade style title screen, and a few bugs.  It's unknown why Atari decided to ditch the arcade title screen, but it may have been because of space constrains.  


Prototype Differences
The title is in an "arcade-style"

Copyright date is 1983

The graphics for Pengo are different, especially his face which appears to be nothing more than a beak!
Pengo’s death animation is a little different
Pengo is stationary on the title and bonus screens
You start with 5 lives
The right difficulty switch controls music instead of the left - A=ON, B=OFF
Pengo is slower
Sno-bees are faster
After finishing level, the fire button resumes gameplay
All levels consist of only blue ice blocks
When starting a game, sometimes the Sno-bees graphics are skewed and Pengo can't move.
Sno-bees can get hung up on the top and right borders, which freezes all other Sno-bees
The level layouts are different
Some sounds are missing such as breaking an ice block and squishing a Sno-bee
The score counter shows six digits all the time, even if they're zero's.
There is no music on the title screen



Nice title screen!


These Sno-bees are FAST!


Notice how the level layout is different


Pengo doesn't do his little dance anymore...




Don't cry Pengo,  you've got five more lives!


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