Pitfall ?-??-82


This appears to be a late stage beta of Pitfall.  It seems mostly complete, but there is some missing animation and some finishing touches that need to be added.  Also note that the copyright says 1981, even though this prototype was made sometime in 1982.  This was most likely due to the fact that the proper copyright should read "Copyright 1981, 1982" since the game development spanned two years.  However it is believed that there was not room for both copyright years so 1981 was chosen.


Prototype Differences
Copyright is dated 1981

The timer is broken.  The time displayed is actually based on your score (ex. 1600 = 00:16)

The alligators don't appear to open their mouths (but you can still die).
The rolling logs are missing
Fire isn't animated
Snake isn't animated
The scorpion moves, but doesn't have any animation and appears to glide across the screen.
Gold and silver bars do not sparkle
Diamond ring does not sparkle
The brick walls are missing from the tunnels


Copyright 1981!


Notice how I'm being eaten and the crocodile's mouth is still shut.


This diamond ring doesn't shine for me anymore...


There's a whole lot of rolling logs missing!


The fire doesn't move (take my word on this)


The snakes are motionless too!!



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