Popeye Screens


This is an early screen and movement demo for Popeye.  The prototype allows the user to view each of the levels in the game and has some basic movement for Popeye.  The most interesting thing about this demo is that the second level's layout is the same as the arcade game and other home versions before being changed in the final.  It appears that Joe was going to use the original layout before changing it for unknown reasons. 


The POPEYE text on the house is yellow instead of white
The left house shows actual heart tokens instead of generic rectangles
There is no score
The remaining lives icons are in different places.  They're not present at all on the first screen, shown in the right building on the second screen, and shown on the upper right on the third screen.  In the final they're shown in place of the score at the beginning of each round.
Olive Oyl is missing
Bluto is purple instead of green
Popeye can move left and and right only on the first screen.  He can also walk on air.
The Select switch selects between the various screens
Pressing the fire button goes back to the first screen
The color on the first level is red instead of green
The ladder on the first level is missing it's rungs
The top step on the stairs on the first level is a full square instead of a quarter square.
The houses at the top of the first level are narrower and taller.  These were squashed down and made wider in order to make room for the score and lives counters in the final version.
The second level is completely different and mirrors the arcade game layout
The second level is more red rather than red/brown
The second level has a box at the top of the screen.  It is unknown if this was a platform for Sweet Pea to hang off of or if this was where the score would be displayed.
The house on the second level is a different design than on the first
The ropes and posts on the third level are different
There's a cabin in the center of the ship on the third level which is missing from the final
The third level's layout is different and non-symmetrical unlike the final
The third level is red instead of light brown
The background of the third level is blue instead of black
The moving platform is missing on the third screen
The second platform from the top on the third screen extends further than in the final
The boxes are missing from each side of the third level
The ships mast is taller on the third level.  This was lowered to allow a place for the score to be shown.
The stairs on the third level are slightly larger (he top and bottom steps are full squares).  These were reduced in size to lower the screen height so the score could be shown at the top.


The first screen is very similar to the final

First screen in the final version

The second screen is completely different though


Second screen in the final version

The third level is a bit different

Third level in the final version



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