Pressure Cooker

Pressure Cooker
Company: Activision
Model #:
Garry Kitchen
Year: 1983
Ham on rye, hold the mayo.


Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be a short order cook?  Well if you're like 99% of America and answered "NO!" you'll still probably like this game.  Pressure Cooker is one of the little known Activision late releases, which featured mind-blowing graphics and awesome gameplay.  However since these games came out so late in the 2600 lifespan that most people never saw them.


Pressure Cooker is an action game where you control a cook who must make burgers for hungry customers before the clock runs out.  However much like Burger King the customers here want to have it their way, so you're going to need to watch the cart to see what to put on each burger.  Put the wrong ingredient on the burger and you've got to scrap it (guess who's paycheck that's going to come out of?).  However you can send wrong ingredients back by holding down the fire button, but make sure it doesn't smack you in your face instead or you'll loose points!  Make too many mistakes and its game over!


To make matters worse the burgers are coming down the assembly line whether you're ready or not!  You must grab each burger patty before it falls off the assembly line or you'll be docked points (wasn't this a Lucy episode?).  Once you successfully make a burger you must dump it down the proper colored chute (red, blue, or green), pay careful attention to the chart to see what color the burger your making is.  While the game starts out easy (only one ingredient per burger), the later rounds get insane (up to four ingredients per burger!).


If there was ever a sleeper hit on the 2600, Pressure Cooker is it.  With its mixture of action, pressure, and addicting gameplay, Pressure Cooker seems to have it all.  One word of warning though, the opening tune will stick with you and drive you insane!  You'll find yourself walking down the hallway humming a happy little tune only to discover it's the theme from Pressure Cooker!  Thankfully most of America won't recognize it and realize what a nut you are.


Version Cart Text Description
?????? Pressure Coooker AZ-032 (c)1983 Activision, Inc. Final Version


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