Q*Bert's Qubes (?-??-84)


This is a very early static screen demo showing the layout of the board and how it would look.  In this demo the cubes are much wider and don't appear to show the color on the top of the cube.  The cubes also appear to be less 3-D than they are in the final version and the center row looks to be shifted a bit to the left leaving an odd gap on the right.  Oddly enough the original Q*Bert had this same issue.  It's obvious that Todd was trying to figure out the best way to represent 3-D cubes on a machine that was never meant to do such a thing.  Q*Bert looks exactly the same as his graphics were borrowed from the original game.  Unfortunately there's nothing else to see with this demo as it was just a mockup to show PB how things were progressing.



Looking a little different...

Here's the final version for comparison



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