Quadrun 12-6


This is a very interesting work in progress version of Quadrun. The prototype is labeled "Test Obj.", which we assumed was because they hadn't thought of a name for the game yet. To get the answer I went to the man himself Steve Woita:

"The prototype you've got is the one where I was just testing the bank switching of the roms & to make sure everything was switching right. Man, that was a long time ago."

So that explains it, this was simply a Test Object.  Steve said that he had the name picked out long before the game got to this stage.  This early version shows some interesting differences.


Prototype Differences
No title screen

No voice

The firing sound is different
There are very few sounds.
Only three types of enemies are present: Goons, Snags, and Snags that go diagonally (like Brats). In the final version they added Yo-Yo's and Brats.
The walls are a orange color.  The really cool color cycling hasn't been implemented yet except when you go after a Runt.
There are no screens between levels identifying each type of enemy.


Orange.  And lots of it...


The Goons are still here


There is some color cycling when you go after the Runts


Here is one of those diagonal Snags.  These things are nasty!



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