Rabbit Transit

Rabbit Transit
Company: Atari
Model #:
Brian McGhie?
Year: 1983
Original version by Starpath

Rabbit Transit by Atari?  Yes your reading things right, this version of Rabbit Transit was found in an Atari Lab Loaner case.  It appears that Atari and Starpath may have been working on some kind of deal with Starpath to put cartridge versions of Supercharger cassette games.  To date Rabbit Transit is the only title that has been found, but others are probably out there.



You are a rabbit (thank God, for a moment I thought I was a furry midget with big ears!), who must rescue his girl that has been whisked away to the Land of the Ledges by evil powers unknown.  To get to the Land of the Ledges you must journey through the Mysterious Meadow and meet your friend the turtle.  Unfortunately the meadow is crawling with various bad guys just waiting to take a piece out of your tail.  Since your a rabbit, your only defense is to quickly jump from lane to lane until you make your way to the water (too bad your not a furry midget after all...).


Once you've made it to the Land of the Ledges you must quickly jump around and change each ledge from green to yellow.  To make your task more difficult, there's a little guy walking around the top of the screen dropping rocks on you.  If one of these rocks hits you your dead, and in later levels the rock will start changing the ledges back to their original color!  If you succeed in changing all the ledges you'll be rewarded with a cute intermission showing the fruits of your labor.  I guess it's true what they say about rabbits after all...


Although the gameplay is exactly the same, there are some minor differences between this version and the cassette version.  Most of these changes are cosmetic and were probably added to conform to Atari standards.


On power-up, a few Mysterious Meadow screens are shown (with the title at the top), and the "Pop Goes the Weasel" tune plays.
The title screen text is different.
Pressing the fire button will start a game.
There are only 2 platform colors on the Land of Ledges screens.
The rock that's dropped doesn't change the original platform colors (starting at the 3rd level), only the new colors.



No one is quite if Atari and Starpath were formally discussing some kind of game licensing, or if this was simply a case of a curious employee experimenting with new ideas.  Whatever the case, the idea of Supercharger games on Atari carts was brilliant.  Not only could Atari increase their library with quality games, but there would be almost no development costs involved.  It's unknown whether the more complex Multi-Load games could have been put onto cartridges, and this may have been the reason why the idea was abandoned.  


Version Cart Text Description
8/29/83 Rabbit Transit 8/29 Final Version


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