Road Runner 6-25-84


This version of Road Runner is unique in the fact that it predates the final release by five years!  Apparently Atari had Road Runner in development long before the eventual 1989 release.  The early date suggests that the 1985 arcade game may have been based off this prototype instead of the other way around (or at the very least they were developed at the same time).

Another interesting thing about this prototype is that it is only 8K rather than 16K like the final release.  Amazingly this version keeps most of the gameplay of the 16K version, but sacrifices the different levels (there's only one never ending level).  For a 1984 prototype, this game is absolutely amazing and shows that Atari (or rather Bob) knew what they were doing.



Game rom is only 8K rather than 16K
Game only consists of one never ending level
There is very minimal sound (bird seed pick up and mines blowing up)
There is no music
Road Runner graphics are slightly different (his beak and tail have some color)
There are no chasms
Wile doesn't have a rocket, just rocket skates
There aren't any cannons
There aren't any falling rocks
Wile's rocket skates are slower than the road runner
The road narrows only on one side at a time rather than on both at once
Wile appears to be running in place when you die rather than standing still
You don't lose the 'bird seed bonus' if you miss a bird seed pile
Roadside signs are slightly different looking
One of the roadside signs is a rock with an arrow painted on it
Bird seed looks different (dashes instead of dots)
The desert sands are a slightly lighter color
The road dashes are yellow instead of white
The truck color is different
There are four game variations but only variation 3 does anything (Wile is not present until you die)


Looking good for 1984!

I think I should go this way...

There's the rock with the arrow

Notice how the road is narrowing only on one side?


In game 3 Wiley will simply stand still



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